Throw Down The Gauntlet

Agency Rivalry Reaches A Whole New Level

Rally your team and test yourself against players from other creative agencies across the country in your favourite video games. Raise money, compete weekly and play to win to donate the prize pool to your chosen charity. Greatness and glory await!

Agency Esports brings creative agency professionals together to game, bond with colleagues and make new industry connections through competitive video gaming all while raising money for great causes. Agency teams compete across exciting esports tournaments and community events to bring glory to their agency and to win awesome individual prizes.

As well as being great fun, competing in Agency Esports tournaments are incredibly beneficial to agency teams too. Teams develop their communication and strategic thinking skills, build stronger more meaningful relationships with coworkers, and relieve stress and anxiety through positive social action.

We host FIFA 21 (Xbox and PS), Call of Duty: Warzone (Xbox, PS, PC) and League of Legends (PC/Mac) tournaments.

All Agency Esports competitions guarantee a minimum of 50% of team registration fees will be divided across the charities chosen by winning teams.

Gaming For Great Causes

Compete alongside your coworkers against your rivals in exciting esports competitions to raise money for great causes.

Meet Others In The Industry

Forget networking events. There's no better way to forge great new relationships than in the heat of virtual battle!

Suited To Players At All Levels

Whether you're an experienced gamer or you're gearing up for the first time, we work hard to help you learn, play and have fun.

Build a team. Pick a game. Sign up.

How To Take Part

Gather your colleagues and compete against players from other agencies across the UK and Europe. Raise money for charity and find out who the best agency really is! No prior experience is required, in fact, it's really simple to take part!


Which Game Will You Compete In?

The Agency Esports League is launching across FIFA, CoD: Warzone, and League of Legends. As we grow, we hope to bring in a more diverse range of esports in many more genres!


Rally The Troops To Represent Your Agency

Ping the Slack group. Fire off an email. Find co-workers who want to play. You'll need a team of 1, 3 or 5 people, depending on the game.

If your company doesn't have enough players to form a team, ask us about joining with another company to make a Joint-Team. Freelancers who work with agencies are also welcome to take advantage of this!

Join us on Discord for community events and to see what we're all about!


Practice Together. Strategise. Crush The Competition.

Start raising for your charity pot, learn your game and practice together ready for the season to begin. Don't forget to rouse the rest of the company to cheer you on during your matches!

Get started by checking out the official tournament rules for each game:

Esports For Everyone

Competing Has Great Real-World Benefits

Beyond raising money for great causes, engaging in Agency Esports has huge benefits for you and your team! Improve confidence, develop leadership skills, form meaningful bonds and aid mental health.

Solve Difficult Problems Under Pressure

Gaming has been shown to improve attention, multi-tasking and other cognitive abilities like rapid pattern-matching and building mental models. Essential skills for use in a professional capacity.

Team-Play Is Essential To Win

In multiplayer esports it's near impossible to win without coordination. A competitive atmosphere forces teams to learn how to collaborate towards a common goal - stomping their competition!

Shared Connections Unlike Any Other

With people being away from the office they talk less and connect less meaningfully. Friendly competition helps re-stimulate that connection and ultimately leads to better communication.

Relieve Stress & Blow Off Steam

Stress at work, a busy home life and no decent outlets to release tension and anxiety is having a serious impact on health. Competitive social gaming provides the perfect conduit to vent negative emotion through positive action.